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Our Solutions

eTrans offers fleet management solutions for commercial vehicles from GPS Vehicle Tracking System, Fuel Sensor, Video Tracking System for Vehicle. GPS Tracking System for commercial fleets can put you in control of your employees and vehicles and can make better decisions to boost productivity and reduce the overall costs.  Our GPS Tracking system uses Real-time tracking technology to provide real-time information GPS Vehicle Tracker provides confidence you can find and monitor your vehicle at anytime from anywhere using your desktop or smartphone. eTrans is one of the oldest GPS Company in India and the best vehicle tracking service provider in East India.

GPS Tracking

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a satellite-based navigation system made up of at least 24 satellites. GPS works in any weather conditions, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day

AIS 140 Certified GPS Tracking Device

ETFG200 is an AIS140 certified reliable product to track your vehicle. It combines GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) including IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System) and GSM/GPRS communication....

Network Video Recorder (NVR) System

The network video recorder (NVR) is a specialized computer-based smart surveillance system enabled with GPS facility that has an embedded software program with a backend server & PC/Smart phone based application terminal at a remote location.

Driver Fatigue Monitor (DFM) System

The Driver Fatigue Monitor (DFM) is a specialized computer-based smart analytical system which can be integrated with Network Video Recorder System. The embedded software of DFM is capable to capture video inputs from USB or IP camera, analyse it and provide Fatigue, Laid back, Distraction and no driver alerts to the system.  

Fuel Sensor System

eTrans Fuel level sensor device is designed to measure the level of liquid fuels and other non-conductive liquids in vehicle’s tanks and stationary fuel storages, applicable in different fields.

RFID Based Vehicle Tracking System

The RFID based vehicle tracking system is a specialized smart tracking system equipped with UHF RFID Readers, Tags and backend server and support system.

Centre for Improvement in Transparency and Efficiency (CITE)

CITE in other words the Central Command Centre provides complete visibility of the Assets and provides data to analyse the performances in respect to KRA and KPI.

Darsh Lite 4G Tracker

About Device Darsh Lite GPS devices typically consist of a unit that provide device’s location with event-based alerts. The device contains a receiver that picks up signals from at least four satellites, calculates the device’s position, and memory to store maps and other data. The device uses the location data which receives from satellites to […]